Starbucks Connect Preferred Provider



Our Network Monitoring and Support Center is a 24 X 7 Support Center that provide proactive ongoing monitoring of equipment for fast problem identification and resolution.  


When you select MIS Networks for your Connect Network you are guarenteed that your Connect store will be ready to open without issues.  

MIS Networks is the only network provider recommended by Starbucks.  We are the largest indepenent provider of Starbucks Connect network equipment in the nation.  We offer the following benifits to our customers:

  • With over 100 Starbucks Connect stores we will assist you through the process working with the you and your Starbucks CSM to ensure a timely and easy completion of required information and documentation
  • Affordable and 100% guarenteed network to ensure a smooth installation
  • Full compliance with all Starbucks fireall and network requirements
  • Cellular data backup to ensure mobile order and credit card transactions
  • 24 X 7 Network monitoring and support services though our toll free number or support email
  • Integration with Starbucks support for fast resolution of store issues

MIS Networks works closly with Starbucks and has earned an exceptional reputation for ensuring that Connect stores are ready for operations.  While each and every Starbucks Connect store has the ability to select any network provider only MIS Networks can provide the proven track record of success, knowledge and integration within the Connect program.


We offer network camera and recording systems, low voltage installations and repairs, music speakers, phone lines  and cordless phones for Starbucks Connect Stores in addition to the Connect Network.  


Starbucks does not require a  Connect Licensee store to use MIS Networks and is not a party to any agreement between the Starbucks Connect Licensee store.   Starbucks recieves no compensation for recommending MIS Networks services.  

Contact MIS Networks for a proposal to fit your needs at or call 913-795-1234